This 10 Fact We Should Know Exist Around The World

We know the thing not always true people talk about this and that but reality is different so we here you present some unknown fact around the world,We should know all this fact.1 Robots:Scientist have successfully created worlds first Robot lawer & being officially used at a law firm.Just give him case,he will solve it in minutes.It is so smart that it can even save you from any crime.It is learning by itself every second






.2.In 2050,P population could reach at 11 billion & according to many research Earth can’t support this amount of Humans.To Support we Need to double the productivity which is not possible .what will happen then? What who knows?








3.Friend:According to a Recent study,The friends who studies with you in your school and college are real friends.Only they can understand you.Rest of them are just temporary.







4 Tv Show: Famous Tv Show ” Phineas and Ferb ” is actually Real.Candace was a real Girls which had Mental Disorder & She used to imagine everything about 2 Brother as Show in Show.All the Tv Show is based on the Book of 1 a Dead Girls







.5.Cigarette:A Company invented a cigarette with zero effect on health in 1960.”XA Cigarette”But all tobacco companies came together to save their cigarette business&Forced this company to kill this safer cigarette.The could Save millions of live s but bussiness over Humanity



! 6.Trees Talk: A 30 Year of Study found that Treees can actually talk to each other via electrical impulses in Roots .They have a large vocabulary& all are talking Right Now.T here are also Good and Bad trees.They even count Days and Nights & Season too





.7 Mysterious Destiny: 1977,University of Evansville Basketball Team was traveling by plane.One player missed flight crashed & whole team died.Missed player was happy to be Alive .Just 2 week later,then as killed in Car Accident .Destiny is Mysterious!





8 Tom & Jerry: There’s an last episode of ” Tom & Jerry” that ends with the both of them committing Suicide.

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