10 Tips to Improve Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem has to do with how much we love ourselves and the opinion we have about who we are and our personal worth. Our self-esteem may suffer at certain times: when we are low in mood, depressed or exhausted. The good news is that we are always on time to develop it and to serve us at any time of our life. We tell you some things you should do:

1.  Focus on you, only on you: Low self-esteem is the result of looking too much at the world around you looking for comparisons, similarities, and differences. Remember that whenever you look at others it is to compare yourself and in that game, there is only one possible ending: the loss of self-esteem. Look only at you and admire your unique and special way of being and living life. Remember that outside you there is no one who can punish you for not being perfect in everything, you are only surrounded by people like you looking for a place in the world.

2. Do things that you like every day: Learning to love oneself means learning to enjoy each day of being alive. Focus your mind on enjoying yourself, discovering yourself and being surprised by how you are. Do each day something that you enjoy a lot and in which you practice what you do best. It does not have to be great deeds, simply enjoy a gift or skill that you have and repeat it as many times as possible to anchor in your mind the enjoyment of being yourself.

You can also look for moments that make you enjoy and be aware of how lucky you are to live them. Drinking coffee looking out the window, listening to your favorite music while driving or attending a yoga class is a good time to enjoy yourself consciously.

3. Practice the positive dialogue: Start to notice what you say and how you tell it. Low self-esteem is accompanied by an internal dialogue full of negative and abusive words. From now on you can begin to become aware of how you are addressing yourself, the tone and everything you are capable of telling you. Surely you would not consent to other people phrases like: “you do not serve at all”, “you are bad”, “nobody loves you”, but you tell them every day. Change the way you speak to and anchor your thoughts in the enjoyment of the previous point.

4. Remind yourself every day how good you have to offer to the world: Every morning when you wake up, repeat what you can offer the world, which is the gift you were born with or the skill you have learned and you are very good at doing. This reminder will automatically change your way of facing the day. You may go to a job that you do not like, poorly paid or with bad atmosphere or you may look in the mirror and not feel attractive, but remember that there is something you know how to do very well and you can offer to the people who form part of your world, contributing to your happiness and well-being.

5. Start thinking about yourself as your best friend:  Think that you are the person you spend the most time with every day and you have to treat yourself as the most important thing you have. There is no one more important in your life! So take care, love yourself and treat yourself well.

6. Accept:  We all have weaknesses and strengths. Begin by accepting all of them, both good and bad. Make a list of what you like most about yourself and power it to the fullest, and try to improve what you would like to change, as long as it is in your hand and without obsessing.

Focus on the positive of your life, without ignoring the negative

7. Do not compare yourself with anyone: Of course, it is inevitable to think about those things that differentiate us from others or admire someone for having this or that quality. But it is very harmful to do so out of habit because we could end up looking only at aspects that make us feel inferior or “worse”, thus damaging our self-esteem.

8. Remember the positive: When you think about your life and negative memories appear, look at them and accept them, but do not let yourself be carried away by them. They will be associated with similar memories and we can find ourselves at a point where it seems that we do not find anything good in our past life. At that moment stop, try to voluntarily seek another positive memory, of success, that brings pleasant emotions. It is necessary to see the negative, but always focus on the positive.

9. Always keep in mind the memories of success and the achievements that we have achieved:  If you are going through a bad time, strive to remember them and write them down so you can find them whenever you need them.

10. Focus on your personal growth: The human being is constantly growing and never stops learning. We can always acquire skills, improve specific aspects and be better people. It’s never too late to keep growing.

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