This 6 Mysterious Story Scientists Couldn’t Solved It

There are many story about the World which yet to be solved by scientist. This 6 Mysterious Story Scientists Couldn’t Solved It,but revealed some interesting fact about this story.We here give you some example that scientist in the world CouldntĀ  solved it.Some people belived some dont belived but lets see How and who can solved this Mysterious Fact. Giant Stone Sphere Of Costa Rica :These mysterious stone formation are intriguing not only for their perfectly spherical shape,but also an account of their unknown origins and purpose.They were discovered in the 1930 by workers cleaning the jungle from a banana plantation .local legends suggested that the mysterious spheres contained hidden gold,but they turned out to be empty.

2)LAnse aux Meadows,Canada : This archaeology site in Canada was once a settlement founded by the Viking about a thousand years ago .The fact that if exists indicates that the Scandinavian seafarers reached Nearly American long before the birth of Christopher Columbus.

3)Mohenyo- Daro : The secret of the city’s downfall has perplexed expert for decades.In 1922,the Indian archaeologist R.D.Banerji discovered ancient ruins on one of the Island in the Indus River.

4)The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt: This Obelisk initially began to be covered straight out of a rock face but it appears that it began to Greek.It was left in this condition unfinished.It size is simply staggering!

5)Gate of the Sun ,Bolivia: The gate of the sun can be found in Tinanku- an ancient and mysterious city in Bolivia,Some archeologist believe that it was the centre of a huge empire during the first millenium A.D.No one has any idea what the carnings on Gate are meant to mean.Possibly they have some astrological or astronomical significance.

6)The long You Caves,China: the Caves were goged out of sandstone by human hands,such difficult work would have required the participation of thousands of people .Yet theres no mention of these caves.or the methods used to construct them,anywhere in historical records.

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