Best Tips To Improve Your Memory

Memory is the ability to remember and is one of the most important mental processes in the brain. It sounds very disruptive to face the world always from the novelty and out of the trial, but the reality is that memory is vital for survival.

Mainly, two types of memory are distinguished. On the one hand, short-term memory, which is located in our prefrontal cortex. This memory is the data we keep for a short period of time to develop the activity we are doing at that moment. And on the other, a long-term memory that is located in the hippocampus and stores data without limit of capacity for long periods of time. A short-term memory can pass to long-term memory through the process of consolidation, where emotions and repetition intervene.

In case of having a bad memory, you should not worry. The brain is an organ with a lot of plasticities and, thanks to this, cognitive abilities can be improved. Even after brain injuries, some neural connections can be recovered. But plasticity works in both directions, this means that it is possible to train and develop different memory functions, but also that if they are not exercised, they will weaken and lose capacity. To understand it, you can imagine the brain as a bicep; when you train, the muscle develops and its power makes more activities possible, but if we stop training, the biceps loses its development.

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Tips To Improve Your Memory Are:

Memory exercises

1. The game of couples: Recover your small game that consisted of remembering where the couple is a series of letters upside down. You can also create new cards with objects or characters that you like more than the ones you used then. Example: create decks with the characters of our favorite series.

2 Telephone numbers: Dial the phones without using the agenda of, at least, the 10 people you most frequently call. You can look at them before dialing, but you must type them without doing so. Finally, you will learn them. Before we all knew by heart between 5 and 10 phone numbers, now many of us do not even know the landline of our house.

3. Categories: A messy list of words. Then, different categories are shown in which you have to include the words in the list. Example list: pear, car, plane, banana, apple. Only the semantic categories will be presented as a key to remember: fruits and means of transport.

4. Face memory: Exercise to memorize face photographs. Several faces are presented and, after seeing a new series, the previous photographs are presented among many others that had not been seen. The objective is to identify the maximum number of faces.

5. Database of our hobby: The easiest thing to be constant in our exercises is that they bring us a benefit. So, we suggest you look for your passion and remember every day a new piece of information on that topic. For example, if you like wine, you can remember a brand, a type of grape, etc. and every day you must memorize the previous ones and a new one. In addition to exercising memory, you will be the most prepared for the next dinner of friends.

Mnemonic rules

How to improve memory when something gets stuck. We can resort to the mnemonic rules that make our task easier. We present some.

1. Rule of the Fable: It is about inventing an eccentric story, which allows linking the words to memorize. The rarer the story, the better. In the history exams, we used to remember the anecdotes as to that Maximilian I of the Habsburgs liked melons.

2. Rule of the first letter: To remember a list of words we form a simple sentence with the initial of each word to remember.

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