We have Exposed This 5 Story Which Viral On internet.

In Order to get many like,comment,revenue .Internet user make false news so the topfact has made a list of this popular Story.



1.This story actually Viral On internet for many years the fact is the famous politicians came from noble family and was born in the Blenheim Palace.The future parent moved into the palace with purpose of having their child there and after the child born ,they organised a ball to celebrate.





2. Photobomb with Shark – a beautiful girl in danger this is another fake photo which Viral On internet forget lots of view,like,comments.








3 .Hybrid Rhino,A very kind ! Many  people belive that this type rhinos really exist,but reality there is no Hybrid rhino exist all photo was obviously edited.






4.Excellent – Sometimes Newsmaker ise different type of photoshop to edited and get awesome photo.








5.A White Whale washed up on the beach – This is one of the biggest fake news on internet timing so long .but reality there is no such Whale washed up on the beach.

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