A Famous Person Rules Of Happy Life

1.In world there are number of people who are different perspectives of there life .But when we want happiness in our life we forgot so many thing like .So topfact bring You 5 Rules Of Happiness 1.Happiness is Thing you WANT ,CAN,M UST – Most of the people forgot to all of these thing in their life while living.We should only develop all this thing .Suppose if you want to do inĀ  your life you should be ready for that and these thingĀ  comes to your mind.




  • 2.How Can anyone help you if you are not doing anything yourself?- Nobody help you in your life unless and until you have desire to do thing yourself .If you want to learn football but if you are ready then there are lots of people who are ready to teach you.3.Become Successful and all Hard feeling will disappear- If you want to do something in your life you have to start doing what you love .You won’t even notice the movement when your grudges disappear.4.Dont Compare to other- Many people compare to other people because they thing that if we compare other we can achieve things in our life.However most of the time,we don’t even noticed that we are fighting ourselves.5.Do Something for Your Loveone? If you want to be happy in your life .If you live your life for yourself , there is no point trying to prove anything to anyone.But you should do thing to your love make them Happy.

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