The Funny fact about funny thing

There are so many thing people talk about funny thing but people dont know exact funny thing so bring you to some interseting thing about funy here we are,


There are a “DUMB Starbucks” where every product that hasthe word “dumb”in front of it.51%of people think stormy weather affects cloud computing.Couple who together before enagement have a higher Divoce rates.The second -largest lake in Bolivia is called Lake Poopo.its not a freshwater lake. A group of owls is calld a parliament .There is a french companey that you can hire to kidnap you. they charfge us $1600.Over 80000 people graduated from Mcdonalds Hamburger University with a bachelors degreein hamburgerolgy.

IN dorset,Minnesota ,a 3-year -old boy was eleacted as mayor.IN JAPAN ronald Mcdonald is called Donald Mcdonald due to a lack of a clear “R”sound japanese.The only member of the band “ZZ Top” without a beard is Frank Beard.Hippopoto onstrosesqui ppedalioph obia is the fear of long words. Applying hemorrhoid cream to your chest and waist can make you look more muscular.Every human being start out as an asshole:its the first body to form in the womb. in Alabama,it is a illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while diving a vshicl.

Ronaldinho.s deal with CO-CO  ended after the was caught sipping a pepsi in a news conference.Many birds live alone ,but crows live in a group called a murder. most people would call it a  flock of crows.Most people cannot distinguish expensive wines from inexpensive ones ,a study proved.the area where military personal socializes and eat is called a “mess”.Plant gow faster when music is playing . A man wore 70pieces of  clothing to avoid Baggage charge at the airport. in ancient grrce throwing an apple at someone was done to declare ones love. The most overdue library book was returned 288 years late. The founder of Match .com lost his girlfriend to a man she met on

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