Google intersting fact we should know

Google everyone search every day our life not fulfill without Google today here we bring top fact that some unknown fact about Google.


IF you search for ‘ATARI BREAKOUT”IN Google images ,you can play the game.On Augu16,2013 google went down for 5 minute and in that time the global internet traffic dropped by 40% .google prefer dogs cats.their official code of conduct specifically states they are a dg company.If yousearch for “askew”in gooogle the content will tilt slightly to the right.The Versace dress jennifer lopez wore to 2000 grammy awards sparked the creation of google images.

Google was originally calld “Bakrub”.Google is the most visited site then facebook.Google hired a camel to create the strret view of a desert.”Dont be evil is the unoffficial slogan of Google . Google offer employee free condom in blue,red,green,and yellow and have the phrase “I m feeling lucky “printed on them.Google has been acquiring 2 companies per month since 2010.Google operates 70 differnt in more than 40 countries.88 language can be used Google home page. Google owns many domain to cover mistypes such as gooogle ,googel,and even 4666453.By using google maps you can see underwater sea life coral reefs and wrecks.Google intendsto scan known existing 129million unique books before 2020.”GOOGLE”is added as verb in the Oxford English Dictionary in june  200699% of gooogle profit comes from its advertising .


A sigle Google search required more computing per tha it took to send Apollo 11 to the Moon.Google maps calculator traffic by tracking how fastAndroid devices are moving on the road.Google became the worlds largst search engine in june 2000. People tend to forget information can be easily found oline its called the “GOOGLE EFFECT”.the “I m feeling lucky “button cost google us$110 million per year ,as it byoasses all ads.Google hired camel to ceat the street view of a desert.Over 1 billio search request per day are handled by google .it is done by using over 1 million computer.

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