Hollywood Hottest Celebrity Which According Survey

One of the popular country in the world but there so Maney fact which this country made very popular yes I am talking about Hollywood Industry .We made list of Top 5 Beautiful Women In the Hollywood.
1) Cameron Diaz is an American Actress as well as model.Cameron is admired for her sea green eyes and a perfect Carved Smile.She has the best legs in the film industry .She is one of the most beautiful women in America.
2)Hillary Duff is an American Actress and singer .Duff began her acting careers at a young age ,and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the little character of the Disney Channel Comedy Serise Lizzie Mc Fire (2001-2004).She is one of the most sensational actress in Hollywood.
3) Britney Spears is an American singer,songwriter ,dancer ,and actress .Spears first and second studio albums ,Baby one More times(1999) and ops!- I Did it Again (2000) became international success.she is also the most beautiful actress in Hollywood Industry.
4) Jenifer Animation is an American Actress,producer and buisnesswomen .Animation gained worldwide recognition portraying Rachel Green on Television Sitcom Friends.(1994-2004),role which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award ,Golden Globe Award,and a screen Actor Guide Award .She is one of the greatest female actress in United States Television.
5)Megan fox is an actress is an American Actress and model with several minor Television and film roles,.she got big success in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen .she was nominated for an MTV Movie Award in the category of Breakthrough Performance.6) Margot Robbie you must make the hottest actress list after performing Harley Quien.It is that simple Margot was one of the few bright spot in the movie that was slammed by critics.7)Nina Dobrew It is lifting that we have both Nina and Claire on the list of hottest actress in Hollywood under 30,Since both were part of Vampire Diaries.

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