Hollywood List Of Hottest Celebrity

There are a huge number of women in the world, it is nearly impossible to find everyone and then list beautiful women. But here is a rough idea and these women are celebrities and well known to the world so to list them can be easy. This ranking is an idea and is done on the basis of beauty factors.

1) Salena Gomez is an American Singer and actress and is ranked as the most beautiful woman in the world.These women are stunning,sizzling,gorgeous,hot and talented.The sizzling and glamour Gomez left all the women behind her and got first place among beautiful woman in the world.

2) Liza Soberano is a American actress and model .Since the rise of her career after the television series FOREVEMORE, Soberano has been hailed as one of the most beautiful actress in the Philippines-american ,adored by fans and celebrities.

3)Nana Im-Jin-Ah- better by her stage name is a South Korean Singer,actress and model.In December 2013,Nana gained global recognition when she placed second on the independent critics list of 100 most Beautiful of 2013.

4)Deepika Padukone is an Indian Film actress .As of 2017,she is the highest-paid actress in India and is the recipient of several awards,Including three Filmfare Awards.she is one of the highest-paid and most popular celebrity in India.

5)Pixie Lott is English singer,songwriter and actress .she is also known as a famous singer not only in the UK ,but also in the world.Pixie ranks the 5th Beautiful Women In The Worlds.6) Ema Watson is not only one of the hottest actress in Hollywood ,bit also one of the most intelligent after starring in Kartey Potter movies.Watson move down to make a name for herself as a brand ambassador for the United Nation.She has done so maney Hollywood Big Superhit film so there is no doubt she is one of the hot Celebrity in Hollywood.

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