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YouTube is every one know one of the best social media networking site that everyone use at least every day.Youtube where we upload our own content and earn some rvenue , YouTube give chance to contend created to create their own content and upload on Youtube channel .There are so many YouTuber earn million of dollar ,but most of the Youtube channel don’t know who is created of YouTube that’s real fact that’s why topfact Come with all Youtube information which help you to understand the Youtube Journey .


Youtube is highest earning channels made anywhere from Us $2.5 M to US $12M in 2015.Every minute,more than 100 house of video are uploaded to YouTube.Youtubes statistics at  the end of 2015 claim that more than 400 house of video was uploaded to the site per minute .Google bought YouTube for US $ 1.65 billion in stock just 18 month after YouTube creation.Youtube can be navigate in more than 75 different languages covering 95% of the Internet population .If you search for ” Do the Harlem Shake ” on YouTube the Page itself. will do the Harlem Shake for you.At YouTube’s headquarters,employees can either take elevator,stairs a big slide.The first YouTube video was uploaded on April 23,2005 featuring it’s co- founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego 200.The women who rented her Garage to Larry page and in 1998 when they


were creating Google later become the CEO of YouTube.Youtube was founded by 3 former employee Chad Hurley,Stene Chen and Jawed Karim).YouTube is second -largest search Engine ,right after Google.It bigger than Bing,Yahoo,and Ask Combined .The oldest video of Cats on YouTube date from 1894.The most disliked video on YouTube is Justin Burners”Baby” with Over 4,400000 dislikes.The most searched YouTube is “How to Kiss” YouTube has production space in Los Angeles that is Free to use it YouTube 10000 subscribers.’Ganam Style was so popular ,it broke YouTube views Count ,which had to be upgraded.

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