Tips To Change The World

How to change the world in the face of environmental degradation, the injustice that prevails almost everywhere, insecurity, poverty, hunger, violence, diseases and the countless plagues that plague our society? We have a role to play in changing the world.

Awareness comes from everyone and the butterfly effect will be responsible for bringing them together to achieve positive change.

Good habits, we must keep them forever. Thus, we may find ourselves in a better world.

To love yourself

If you want other people to show an interest in you, start by loving yourself first.

Respect yourself by taking care of what comes into you. To do this, avoid devastating substances such as alcohol and drugs, but also scenes of violence of any kind, shocking words of malicious people. Take care of your body by providing the rules of hygiene and a decent appearance.

Live according to your principles and visions, live according to your desires and not those of someone.

If you show enough esteem for yourself, others will do it too. With such mutual respect, the world can only get better.

To accept oneself as one is

Accept yourself as you are, with your faults, your weaknesses, but also your tastes and your qualities. Appreciate your physique and your particularities, because they differentiate you from others. Bad or bad, these characters make you unique. Each person is unique. Do not try to put yourself in the shoes of another, to live like someone else or to think like him. You can not do it and that will not allow you to find your happiness, surely not to go well.

There will always be a complex, a jealousy and an unhealthy desire. It will develop to the point of destroying the world, at least your life and your relationship with those around you. Nevertheless, you can make the choice to improve what you do not appreciate you. Fill your gaps by cultivating your personality and honing your knowledge.

Know how to choose

Life is made of choices. Some people from wealthy parents continue to enrich themselves. It’s not because they are born with a golden spoon that they have to be rich, they have taken advantage of their advantage and have made good choices of studies, career, investment …

Everyone does not have the same luck, but many of these people have taken advantage of their modest situation to make great strides, making the right choice. It may be to stop studying to start entrepreneurship, to choose between two positions to start a career, between two places to settle, etc. The idea is to never make decisions lightly. Weigh him for and against, and above all follow your heart, for he will never lie to you.

Show tolerance

Be tolerant of yourself and those around you. Do not set goals or rules that are hard to reach.

Likewise, accept the fact that other people around you may have different opinions from yours. Accept that you or another person is failing in a task or responsibility because none of you are perfect. Life is a real apprenticeship. If you want to change the world, allow yourself to live with what you will never control and admit good and bad surprises. Everyone will have peace and you will gain more serenity.

Change your consumption habits

Adopt new practices to shop, because many of us are now slaves of the consumer industry. This way of acting radically changes your view of the world. It will appear to you more like a race for material things.

To begin, wait for end-of-season sales to buy less. Be original by only buying clothes of unknown brand. You will stop being sir or madam everyone. Spend less frequently in supermarkets, because of once a week for example. Learn how to cook to get rid of frozen foods.

Avoid Ads

Advertisements prevent us from having our own opinions and our own idea about our real needs. They are designed to convince us to opt for a particular product or service, to the disadvantage of competitors. Rather give way to free will.

Do good to you

Do good deeds to the people around you. If in return, these people are aware of what they have received and then decide to do the same for other people around them, it would be a great chain of solidarity! And the goodness or kindness you spread will have the power to change the world. This way and efficient and fast.

Avoid doing harm on purpose

You can always decide not to act badly, knowing that if you do, it will inevitably hurt somebody. But does this person really deserve this damage? Surely not. When the time comes when you are being harmed in any way, you would understand. If all the inhabitants of the planet, starting with you, did the same by acting properly, we would live in a healthier world.

Share his optimism

The smile is free and contagious! Share it to give joy to other people. If you are thinking of a brighter future, discuss it with others so that they too have hope for their future. If you want more openness in your head, smile. Thus, you will release hormones responsible for well-being.

Give priority to eco-friendly means of transport

The world is suffering because we have not been able to preserve it. Now, to fix it, leave the car or motorcycle and walk around; at least, opt for a bicycle. Taking the bus is also possible to reduce pollution. At worst, talk with your neighbors or colleagues to practice carpooling if your directions converge.

To recycle

Do not throw away anything, because everything, absolutely, can enjoy a second life. For example, empty plastic bottles can be transformed into hanging flowerpots, pallets for the garbage can be used as tables and decorative chairs, household waste is transformed into compost … This habit will allow you to make a price.


To compensate for forest areas destroyed for human needs, it is everyone’s duty to plant trees. It is not only a civic duty, it is especially for our present and the future of our descendants. The earth has a great need for water. Now, without forests, there is no precipitation. We must ensure that the land remains livable so that we can change the world.

Many initiatives are also taking place today, gradually returning to the wild existence, leaving the consumer society. But with these conditions, they will have a hard time surviving, just as much as the townspeople.

Use renewable energy

Fossil energies such as oil, diesel, gasoline and those from wood are non-renewable energies. They are becoming scarce and are especially polluting. Consider acquiring energy from solar, wind, hydro, clean and renewable sources. Their use does not detract from the earth. Thus, you take part in the preservation of the ecosystem.

Stop smoking

By stopping smoking, you are doing good for your body, sparing it various diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and lung cancer. In addition, you save your loved ones from the smoke, as “passive smokers” are as much a victim as the real consumers of cigars and cigarettes. The world needs health to continue in the right direction.

Use water properly

Do not let tap water run down when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes. Wastewater, for example from the washing of certain foods, can absolutely be recovered for watering plants, a lawn, etc. Also remember to collect rainwater for multiple uses, such as car wash.


Performing charitable acts is beneficial not only for you but also for those who receive your help, especially when you perform the action without waiting for compensation or other consideration in return. These experiences will be rewarding and unforgettable.

Social and solidarity

Is not giving is better than receiving? Give your time, your money, your goods to the needy and those who ask you for help. Make sure you live in harmony with your surroundings. Avoid prejudices and violence. Work on your solidarity in happiness as well as misfortune.

Become an activist

Support a cause that you feel is right. Across the globe, people fight against racism, excision, poverty, rape … You can either collect money to support a given movement or strengthen its rank through actions of awareness, protest etc. Victories will allow us to change the world.

Give blood

To give blood is to help a life. Blood shortages can still occur in hospitals when needing a blood transfusion. Blood donation is also beneficial for the donor by improving his health.

Become an organ donor

To give one of its organs is the noblest gesture, for it saves a life. Once decided, talk to your loved ones and join the list of donors in your area. You will surely make a family happy and will continue to live longer through this organ.

Support animal rights

Activists fight against the slaughter of fur animals, illegal hunting and other forms of attack on wildlife. These living things are essential to our balance. Deciding to act for this cause makes you an activist of a better world.

Read a lot

Prefer reading to all other means of distraction. Not only does reading entertains us, but it also develops our knowledge, forges our opinions and allows us to ask the right questions of an existential nature. If the world is more open to knowledge, we will be fighting a lot for our world.

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