Top 6 Innovations in Solar Power

Have you ever noticed something about the solar power industry?

It continues to push out its innovations from left to right.

These also have their fullest potential of making a positive and serious impact on the energy systems.

Here are the six solar innovations you must know today:

Solar Windows

Do you have any idea that the coating of the solar windows helps produce the smallest solar cells of the world? One good thing about these windows is that they can be applied at a room temperature. There is no need to make use of specialized facilities for production.

Solar Balloons

Solar balloons may be uncommon for some but these are also powered by the heat of the sun. These serve as an instrument that makes use of the existing technology. With these, it is possible to harvest a solar power on a wide array of silvery balloons.

Huge-sized plastic balloons can also be directed and focused on the solar energy and to the solar cells. The only important thing is to make use of readily low-cost and available components.

Hairy Solar Panels

Hairy solar panels are truly a powerful innovation that serves people on their best purpose. They are produced by the nanotechnology with the use of the light-absorbing nanowires. These are directly linked to the carbon-nanotube fabric.

As per these nanowires, these can best absorb energy right from the heat of the sun as compared to a silicon can. This now allows for the most efficient and fastest process of harvesting energy.

Thin Film Solar

When you’ll harvest a solar energy, it does not necessarily mean that you have to use for solar panels. The good thing is that solar thin film technology makes this thing possible. This solar film can also be “printed” in the so-called rolls. This now helps reduce the installation and the cost. There will also be more opportunities in putting all these solar power-based producers. These can be integrated into the buildings’ roofing materials.


Microinverters are the missing piece of the solar power puzzle that serve their best purpose of taking the DC power outsourced from solar panels. They are now transformed into an AC-power.

Even if micro investors are purchased at their expensive price, they can still handle the power that you can produce on your rooftop. The microinverters make it possible for you to just have a single panel and a single inverter. Thus, you can now start operating the solar power-generating based station.

Infrared Spectrum Solar Panels

Do you know that the solar energy that your solar panels harvest come from the visible spectrum? By means of adding newer forms of materials such as titanium and vanadium to the solar-based semiconductors, this could really mean something in the near future. The solar panels have the ability to capture the infrared spectrum. This can also be turned into electricity.

Now, you have learned more about the top six solar innovations that serve their best purpose to a lot of people!

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