Top 7 Handsome Basketball Player In The World

There are many IntErnational Games but Basketball is one of the exciting game to watch .In this game it is very interesting to watch the players making some amazing Game.Here we made Top 6 Most Handsome Basketball Players in The World.1) Russell Westbrook was born on 12 November 1988,in United states.He is an American Basketball Players .His nice height and well-being bhut personality is liked by many of his girls fan .In 2012 olympic,he Successfully won the Gold medal.2) Thank Sefolosha was born on 2nd May 1984 ,in Switzerland.He looks very beautiful with nice personality.He has played with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Chicago Bulls.He was the Switzerland player to NBA.3) DJ.Angustin was born on 10th November 1987,in United states.His good looks have gained him lots of women fans.He has won various honour and awards like Bobcousy Award,Wooden Award,Oscar Robertson trophy etc.4)Danilo Gallinari was born on 8th August 1988,in Italy .He is an Italian Player.I n the years 2008,he was chosen at 6th position by New York Nick’s.He is very passionate player.5)Carmelo Anthony was on 29th May 1984,in United States.He is very Handsome guy,with very fashionable ,which is why he looks very fashionable and One of the Hottest NBA players in the World.6)Draymand Green,Warriors is an American baseketball player for the Golden state warriors of the (NBA).Green ,who plus primilary at the power toward position ,was named to the NBA All – Defensive Team and Won his first NBA A championship with warriors in 2005.7)Stephen Curry Wardell Stephen Curry is an American professional basketball player for the Golden state warriors of the National Basketball Association.Many players and analysis TS have called him the Greatest Shooter in NBA History.8)Chris Paul is an American professional basketball player for the HoustonĀ  Rockets of ( NBA).He won the NBA .He is most valuable player Awards,two Olympic Gold medals,and led the NBA in assisting for times and steal six times .

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