Top10 Most Beautiful Russian Women

Russian girls are mesmerizing beauties .They have a kind breathtaking glamour.,so that they are going to list one of the most beautiful women in world,they stealing hearts of many people.Russian Women who have charmed with their gorgeous look.1)Irina Shauk When it comes to Russian girls ,this charming lady tops that list .she began her modelling career when she participated in and won Miss Chelyabinsk 2004beauty Contest.2)Natasha Poly is stunning and charming girls,this glamours model has marked with many leading fashion labels likes,Gucci,jimmy Choo.3)Alima kabaeneva This women is an inspiration to all.She is living proof that talent and look go hand in hand apart from her gorgeous feature,she has tremendous talent and ambition.4)Anna kourinKon This tennis player is best known for good looks she is truly a very attractive lady.5)Sasha Pivovarna Sasha has striking feature,Her beauty is accomplished with her love forecast and reading .she made her acting debut with ‘In Time Staring’opposite Justine.6)Daria Striking This Russian model,Photographer and Actress redefines beauty with her exceptionally good look.V magzine naming her one of the top Model in 2018.7)Natalia Mikhail Vidvanon,This gorgeous Russian model,actress , philanthropist has marked with well reputed brand like Calcium klein,Louis Button.8) Maria Sharaphova She is probably one of the best known Russian beauties know primarily for her extraordinary tennis skill ,her gorgeous women is a star house of talent and beauty.9)Class Roslyakova Known her for mesmerizing and doll looks Class has advertised for well known brand like Nina Rice ,Police&Geabban,Frada.10)Katja Shehekina Victorians Secret angles are known to be pretty but Katya is simply astonishing .She has worked with brand like Pole& Ganana.11) Monica Belluci She needs no introduction Monica is one of the most famous Russian- italian women in the world who has been in limelight for her modelling career with A- listed brands like,christian Door and Dolce& Ganana. 

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