Top10 Most Famous Football Player In The World

Football is one of the most popular game on Earth today.Everone love to watch football,but there are some unknown fact about Highest Paid Football Player.Jere we bring list of top10 Highest-paid Football Player.1)Graziano Tells Chinese outfit Shandong heavy paid a fee $ 12million to bring Italian marks man Gazani Delle to the Super league from Sansthan prob in 2016.2)Paul Ponga emptied a considerable number of offers in the Summer 2016 when they forced out $15 million to bring Paul Ponga back to England.3)kylian Mbappe what a rise to the top kylian Mnsoor has had Almost completely unheard of over years ago,the PGS forward is already one of the most dangerous forward in the world and is the youngest players in the list.4)Hulk Powerful Prazlian forward Hulk was one of the first big superstars to arrive in China and he was handsomely rewarded as a result playing his trade for Shanghai SIPG,31-year old has scared 34 Goals in 52Goals.5)Christiano Ronaldo The Portuguese Superstar may be reaching the back,end of his glittering Careers ,but he still takes home a huge amount of mo ey every years.6)Esaequiel Havezz Argentinian winger Esaequiel Havezz is finally shaving Henri China fortune fan why he is the 5th best paid plyer on the planet.7) Oscar left Chelsea just Over year ago to hoon Compatriot Hulk at Shanghai SIPG and in the process ,earn himself a  small fortune each year.8)Mehnat The 26 year old has been the world most expensive football player of all time,but can only get bronze in tens of his annual wage.9)Carlos Tenez Although Tenez wave back to Boca juniors means he will no longer earn this kind of money each week.10)Lionel Messi standing head and shoulders above his rivals in term of annual wages fan could argue against Barcelona Italian Lionel Messi earning the  most of any of his fellow superstar.


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