Top10 WWE Hot Divas All Time

The women professional Wrestlering.This is the primary dream for many women all over world.The WWE movement division is currently full of  beautiful women on this plant but ,don’t get Confused,this ladies are extraordinary talented.1)Niki bella Niki entered in WWE with her sister Brie back in 2008.Nikki has been a well Decorated competitor in the company and holds the distinction of begin the longest Regina Divas Champion of all time . Nikki is equal part of talent and beauty.2)Paige didn’t just make an ordinary debut but she defeated the Divas Champion,making her youngest Divas Champion in WWE history.Not only is She gorgeous,but also one of the best workers in the women division.3)Renee Young She now works as one of the most prominent on air,non- Wrestling talents in the company.Her  commentary and interviewing work have grown into making her one of the most respected Anchor in WWE.4) Eva Marie is very provocative figure in the WWE While She is hated by many,She has been serving a purpose ,which was to dream attention to her as well as Smackdown brand.5)Lana is an individual who took an opportunity and run with it in way No one Could have ever expected ,lana has helped elevate the Bulgarian Bruse Rusav.6) Trish stratus As the big-breasted valet for test and Albert,it would have been hard to foresee Stratus breaking out as arguably the best female competitor in the past 20 years.7)Stacy Keibler Wrestling fans were delighted to see her long legs slut into WWE,despite her featuring as yet another Vince McMahon love.8)Torrie Wilson shortly after winning the Miss Galaxy competition in 1999,Torrie Wilson was signed in WWE as a Generic hot women as part of the NWO.9)Sharllete is an American professional Wrestler,author,actress currently signed to WWE.She performs on the Smackdown brand under ring name Charlotte Flair and she is one of the good looking WWE Women Wrestler.10)Becky LynCh is an Irish Professional Wrestling and Actress currently signed to WWE,wher she performs on the Smackdown brand under the ring name Becky lynch.

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