Unknown Fact About Titanic Sink

Titanic is one of the Big disaster in History happened in Europe,So we Should know Some Unknown Fact about Titanic Sink.’Titanic is Only ship in history who Sank and lost 1514 people life but there is so many unknown fact not  disclose yet so we bring you Some unknown fact about titanic.The ship interrupts were loosely inspired by those at the The Ritz hotel in London .


Facilities on board included a Gym ,Pool,Turkish bath ,a Kennel for fist class dogs,and a squash Court.



It even had its own on board newspaper The Atlantic Daily Bulletin. The iceberg that Sank the Titanic began it’s journey Somewhere around 1000 BC.A Ship named California was close by when the Titanic  sent out distress signals,but the Ship’s wireless Operator had already gone to bed.






The Titanic went ,under the waves at 2.20 am Ship,s time April 15, about 400 miles of the Grand Banks’ of New Foundland.The Titanic originally was designed to carry 64 lifeboats,to save from cutting feels,the ship ended up carrying 20 lifeboat.In ship 3 of the 4 iconic smokes worked ,the 4th was to make the ship look more impressive.The R.M.S Titanic is only Ocean linear ever Sank by iceberg.The Titanic crashed could have been avoided if they had got word about iceberg 30 sec before the Captain did.The Titanic Cost $7.5 Million to build.The Cost of the most expensive first class Parlour Ticket to New York was $4300 .That about $69600 today.Only 336 bodies were recovered 1514 people died.Remember that scene in the movies where the musician continued to play while the ship was sinking? that was true,They actually continued to play for hour,Unfortunately none of them Survived.


The chief Baker of the training survived the freezing cold make temperature because he drank so much alcohol it kept his organs fortitied for 2 he until he was rescued.A lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on board the ship the very day the Titanic hit the iceberg,but was Cancelled by the Captain.The last remaining disaster,Milviva Dean,died on May 31,2009 aged 97.She was two month Old at the time.Edward Smith ,last word ” Well boys,you have done your duty and done it well.i ask no more of you.I release you .you know the rule of the sea.Its every man for himself now,and God bless you.

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