How To Use Social Media Like Facebook

This new article everyone want to read and topfact teaches you how to start getting likes,comment,including views. social mediais platform where we interact to other country person but fat is we dont know how to connect with people so we here bring you some amzazing trick to connect people look here

1 Post on Facebook: first thing you should not treat your Facebook like your diarey that you are posting everyday post .Try to post during timeat when your friends Active.when your friend online then you can connect with him these is the best way to chat with yiour friend.




2 Add Friend : When you have more friends you will get more like,comment ,view so you should stick to adding people who you know in real like.youshould continue to more people to your facebook friend which help you to spend more time with your friend.




3 Tag People in Your Post: Tagging other people on post itself ,increasing the chances that they will like it.It will also appear on their timeline.Tag to those people who personlly know well because if you tag someone  you dont know then you can not connect with this people.



4 Upload Photos and Videos: Many people respond best to visual media like photos and video .You should share on Facebook.visual media is best platform to connect with people ,people more attract towared to visual media so share thing on through visual media which help you get more like and comment.





5 Like Your Friends post: This is a bit of an investment when you like a friend content ,you will also get reply that you your post also like your friends.when do some kind of action there is always reaction same here when you like,comment,view otherr person post you will get same reaction to opposite,people also like,comment,and share your views their opninion to your post and you will get positive response.

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