Ways to Improve Your Performance at Work

Our vital energy is not unlimited! It’s like a battery that needs to be recharged. Here are some wellness tips and tips to get in shape to boost your energy at work from Monday to Friday and from morning to evening.

Physical energy

Start well in the morning

Most people jump out of bed when they wake up, rush in the shower, throw themselves on a cup of coffee, eat poorly and go to work.

To deploy a good energy in the morning, it is important to start your day well by taking the time to lift a moment to yourself:

  • Take the time to stretch and breathe deeply.
  • It is a beautiful and wonderful day that begins. Positive and list all the beautiful things that await you and visualize them.

Manage your diet

If you are a fan of bread, butter, and jam at breakfast, know that the rhythm of the body is not suitable for this type of meal in the morning:

    • From 4 am to noon, our body mainly performs detoxification and elimination activities and uses the assimilated energy of the day before.
    • From noon to 8 pm, he concentrates mainly on digestion It is, therefore, time to take the most important meal in the middle of the day to give your body time to digest.
    • From 8 o’clock in the evening to 4 o’clock in the morning, the body assimilates what it has just digested.

What to drink and eat in the morning?

  • Hydrate yourself with green tea or a large glass of hot water mixed with lemon juice and honey.
  • Eat fresh fruits.

Gain energy with good posture

Good posture allows a good flow of energy. If you are seated, twisted, slumped: a bad posture is losing about 20 to 30% of energy.

Take the time to take breaks during the day

To manage your energy at work and get rid of stress and fatigue, it is important to take regular breaks every 90 minutes. Take 5 to 10 minutes to hydrate, stretch and walk or do a self-massage.

The lunch break is also very beneficial. Leave your workplace if possible to come back more relaxed. You will be more focused for the second half of the day.

Reload your body into energy

  • Press your back against a tree and stick as much surface as possible. Then put your hands and arms against the trunk.
  • Have your tree clean the negative energies that are accumulated in your body. Visualize these energies that descend into its roots and return to the earth to be transformed.
  • Then ask this tree to recharge your body with positive energy. Stay against him for a few minutes. You can also face him and take him in your arms.

Opt for plants

Gemmotherapy or bud medicine is very effective in case of fatigue and stress.

  • The blackcurrant buds are immunostimulating.
  • The fig buds have a tonic and regulating action of the system

Mental energy

Start slowly at the beginning of the week

After the weekend break, if possible start slowly on Monday and concentrate on administrative tasks.

Accelerate mid-week

In the middle of the week, energy is at the top. Manage the most important tasks.

Manage Friday’s energy drop

At the end of the week, the energy level is often lower. Do more creative tasks, plan your work for the next week.

Emotional energy

The solar plexus

The solar plexus is the center of vital energy. When this center is unblocked, it radiates energy and vitality to all parts of the body.

But when the solar plexus is disturbed by negative emotions, it does not generate enough energy to vitalize the body.

Conflicts, tensions, and fears block our inner light. Throughout your day, be aware of your states of being because your emotions are critical to increasing or decreasing your vital energy.

Show more attention brand

Instead of noticing what is wrong with others, seek to develop your kindness towards them. It takes 10 positive attention marks to value one person while one negative mark of attention will be destructive to the other.

To increase your emotional energy and that of others: give compliments, support your surroundings, send a note and smile!

Pay full attention when you are with others. Listen to them, ask questions and avoid talking only about yourself.

Make yourself happy

Doing what you love generates positive emotions and helps maintain a high level of energy.

List the activities that appeal to you and motivate you the most. Plan at least one of these activities each week.

Spiritual energy

The evening is the perfect time to cut oneself off from one’s work and open oneself to one’s spiritual life. But, it is sometimes difficult not to think about the work once returned home.

Practice the attention to yourself.

Focusing your thinking on your well-being eliminates unwanted thoughts. This will make you available for yourself and for others (family, friends …).

Take a break to focus on your breathing. Just be aware of what’s going on inside you and let emotions or thoughts pass.

The benefits of meditation

To go further, meditation is a way to relax, manage negative emotions and put the mind at peace.

Try to start meditating 5 minutes a day and continue slowly for 20 to 30 minutes.

The posture  :

  • Sitting, back straight, head and neck relaxed and legs cross-legged or sitting on a chair the 2 feet on the ground
  • Mouth ajar, hands on knees.
  • Close your eyes at the beginning. Then look along the nose, at an angle of 45 °. Then, direct the look straight ahead.

The technique :

  • Observe his breathing and especially its expiration to let go.
  • You can look at an object, a lit candle, an image or recite a mantra. It’s a word or phrase that you silently or loudly repeat. Its purpose is to focus the mind to calm your mind, increase your concentration, and elevate your energy.

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